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Testimonials | Sisters Achieve

Moving heartfelt stories of success

My weight problem and my NLP therapy

 From time to time it is inevitable that deeper matters are shared and it was during one of these occurrences that I lamented what I feared to be my loneliest challenge yet – facing my morbidly obese self. I likened it to having arrived at the foot of a huge mountain that I must climb, knowing that I am facing this alone (yet another thing I must face alone) and without a guide. Even if I made some head way, fearing the fall and where I will land on this rocky incline. I cried and cried and these sisters graciously allowed me the space to grieve.

Almost a week later Umm Raiyaan got in touch and requested to speak to me about a matter she’d put off addressing for some time. Read more..

Sister N, London, United Kingdom

A specific memory surfaced during my NLP session

Now, from my previous research and what I’d been told about NLP, I expected it to involve some unearthing of deep-rooted causes of certain issues I have been facing- issues relating to over exerting myself, not being merciful to myself, my relentless strive for more and more ‘success’, etc.

What I wasn’t prepared for was just how deep it would go and the extent to which the sessions would leave me feeling shaken, rattled, and almost…. broken (in a good way). Read more…

Sister K, London, United Kingdom

I started home educating!

Who was I Pre SA? SubhanAllah!! In all honesty I don’t know who I was, I had changed….become somebody I hardly recognised. I had buried me and my wants without fully realising what I was doing. Someone else emerged and it really felt like I almost allowed that person to take over -subhanAllah.

Alhamdulillah, SA taught me how to dream and dream BIG!! How to believe in the skills and abilities Allah azza wa jal blessed me with. I know that by Allah my dreams can become a reality. So much has changed in my life as a result of SA – alhamdulillah I’ve become courageous; I’ve taken risks that I would never have dreamed of taking before – I had a strong belief in something and just knew that I had to put my trust in Allah and go with it. Read more…

Sister U, London, United Kingdom

3 weeks into the course, I pursued teaching in Saudi Arabia

When I first began searching for my ultimate goal in life, I was searching from a dark place. A place of turmoil and depression. After suffering 3 miscarriages, my life didn’t make sense. All I wanted was more children and just be OK, with living a mediocre, standard way of life. My drive and ambition was next to none. I didn’t know what I wanted, where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. I was completely stuck. I did not know my purpose. For me, my ONLY purpose was to be a mother and wife. Which is not a problem, but even being a mother and wife was becoming a chore.
I was yearning to give back, to help, to inspire but I couldn’t even fathom the thought of having to wake up the next day and live through another day of, utter darkness. My attitude was affecting the way I treated my husband and my son. I didn’t wish to communicate, I hated interaction; I just wanted to crawl up in a ball and disappear. And my eemaan was so low, I couldn’t even express how I felt to Allah, My Rabb. SubhanAllah

But by the will of Allah, I happened to come across Sisters Achieve. I was looking for ways to work from home, ways to be more productive, ways to have a better outlook on homeschooling my son. And then subhanAllah, Allah blessed me with the gift of being able to reach out to Umm Raiyaan. I applied in March (I think), but the course was fully booked. Although I was disappointed I didn’t lose hope. It gave me the push to look for what I wanted in life, where I wanted to go. Ramadan came and went and I quickly applied and was on the course. I felt like I had achieved something amazing! This was a huge milestone for me.

SubhanAllah within 3 weeks of completing the course, I finally decided to pursue a dream of mine and go into teaching. By the Will of Allah the process was so easy and now I’m living and teaching in Riyadh.

Let me tell you sisters, I am a completely different person to the one I was back before Ramadan. Allahuakbar! I no longer doubt myself, I no longer put myself down and I no longer care about what others think of me. Before I would seek the opinions of others, because I had no love or validation for myself. If I felt my friends didn’t support me, I wouldn’t pursue it. I watched my friends achieve so much, yet here I was, little ol’ me still wondering if I should go and find my own passion. I stared my fears in the face and knocked them down one by one. Alhamdulilah.

Now I feel free; Allah helped me break free from the shackles of negativity. Yes, I have bad days but they don’t BECOME me. I’m free to explore the world, eager to pursue my goals and as long as I have Allah by my side, the impossible is totally possible! And my relationship with the One who created me is stronger. I now feel as though I have an intimate, personal relationship with Him; it’s what soul had been yearning for. Now, I turn to Him more, I’m making more dua, I’m finding ways to please Him. This is only by His Guidance and not of my own.

My next goal in life bithinillah, is be a life coach/counsellor and help single Muslim mothers or young sisters who were raised without a father. I have a lot of experiences (so my friends keep telling me lol), that I want to just share. I want to inspire people to never give up, that despite your trials and tests, you will always find a way to survive. Allah will MAKE sure you survive, for He will never fail you. Believe me when I say, Allah will never fail you in the slightest.

Allah inspired me to do better. And now I’m looking at a brand new kinda me 🙂

Rosalean, Saudi Arabia

What some sisters have achieved!

Video Testmonial by Hiba Mohamed, Group 1 – Attended Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the ‘Achieve your dunya and akhirah dreams’ course

Stori Dori by Nilufer

Handmade leather journals. Read her story!

Packed with love by Aamilah Michelle

Beautiful gifts packed with love! Read her story!

Henna Atelier by Maryam

Maryam is the daughter of Nurjahan. Nurjahan completed Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the ‘Achieve your dunya and akhirah dreams’ course and helped her daughter set up her beautiful business. Read Nurjahan’s story!

Arira Foods by Urwah

Homemade halal scotch eggs, sausage rolls and more Read Urwah’s story!

How Sisters Achieve helped me

My Hifdh Dream

Before I started SA I felt that something was missing in my life even though by my nature I’m a very confident, organised and productive person (or so I thought). I kept searching YouTube for halaqas that could possibly fill that space. I felt stressed before SA, I had great difficulty sitting down and doing what I thought was ‘nothing’. I couldn’t relax. When Umm Raiyaan told me about the course I knew instinctively that I should do it. I wasn’t sure how it would effect my life but I never could have imagined the way I feel now. Read more…

Sister Yasmin, Algeria, Africa

Prior to SA I was a person that talked the positive mantra but failed to implement it in my life. I let negative thoughts make a nest in my head seeking perfection, which led to procrastination and self doubt. SA has taught how to lift the burden of negativity and the true reliance upon Allah (swt). I am happier in myself and home life because I no longer seek that unattainable perfection and see my emotions as alerts that assist me in my journey. I regularly practice mindfulness and feel so blessed by Allah(swt) that I had this opportunity to gain a better understanding of myself and what was holding me back all my life. Umm Raiyaaan is an excellent trainer and no doubt like everything else in life you will get from this course what you put in. So sisters for the sake of your Akhira and dunya don’t miss out! 

Adna, London, United Kingdom

Asalamu alaykum, SIsters Achieve was a life changing experience for me Alhamdulillah.
Subhan Allah how my life has changed throughout the past few months.

I can’t express how much I’ve benefited from this amazing course. One of the things I’ve learnt to recognise are my abilities that I never knew ever existed. As women, we fail to realise who we are. Did you know there’s more to it then living your life as an average person? Who are you? What is your purpose? Have you ever asked yourself this? What one dream/dreams do you have that you feel you are unable to Achieve? Why? If you believe you can’t, then you are WRONG!

In this course you will have answered these questions yourself!
You will be inspired, motivated and determined. Your confidence will increase  and you will have found a new you, within you! You will feel so confident like a bird ready to spread it’s wings to fly!

Umm Raiyaan has trained us to think positively in all circumstances and to eliminate negativity as the situation is what you choose it to be.

We have been taught to be proactive which has supported us immensely by using our unique time management tools that was introduced to us to strengthen our skills. There were some things I learnt prior to this course but when Umm Raiyaan explained it, it was like I came out of hibernation, Subhan Allah.

How blessings have flooded the sisters who have been gifted with this blessed course and we thank Allah first for His infinite Mercy upon us all and Umm Raiyaan for her continuous striving to give us the best. May Allah continue to bless Umm Raiyaan and her family and grant them their dua’s, Ameen

We believe and we act! Say: bye bye to procrastination!!!

Saleha, London, United Kingdom

“MashaAllah what an intense journey!

Alhamdulilah! I have finally come unstuck! A feeling of liberation began to flow through me.  MashaAllah! TabarakAllah   I  have found what I have been looking for … “I can walk away”….  this is a statement that is very personal and unique to me, only two words but the keys to many opportunities.  So, where was I before I got here?

Just before joining SA I was at a point in my life where I had to make a conscious decision for the sake of Allah, I was clearly in a lot of pain and had to make  a decision.

I researched a few other products and did my Istikhara. Alhamdulilah Allah guided me to SA.  SA was the right platform and Islamic environment to make this life changing decision.

The unique thing about SA is that the fundamental basis of the programme is based on the principles of Islam also incorporating secular self-development training.

Everything we did reminded us to be sincere and be mindful of Allah in all we did.  Most importantly my relationship with Allah SWT was taken to another level; every week was better than the previous week.  A few weeks into the programme I was able to start identifying the new direction I was heading to, this was achieved through lots of dua, contemplation and reflection exercises. Umm Raiyaan always reminded us about our final destination – Jannah Al Firdaws and our relationship with Allah.  Knowing this, I was able to move forward and make the right decision knowing I had sought divine guidance and I will be more than happy with the decree of Allah because I had yakeen, Tawwakul and Taqwa in Allah SWT. Always certain HE will give me what is best for me.

My light bulb moment happened after my Salatul Istikhara in week 7 this happened in the early hours of the 23rd December 2014.  I was at a spaghetti junction and began to ask myself sincere questions, which was only possible by the will of Allah and listening to the  SA sessions. The most important sessions that helped me immensely were:

  1. Contemplation
  2. Salatul Istikhara

Before, getting to the point where I could make a final decisoin.   I had a belief that I had to sit in a cage.  The above  two points allowed me to give me that freedom of  making conscious choices.

A gift that Allah has given the best of HIS creations – mankind.  Just two words “Walk away”, gave me the answer I was looking for and Alhamdulillah I have never looked back since.”  Your sister KAK

Sister K, United Kingdom

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