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‘Achieve your dunya and akhirah dreams’ Course | Sisters Achieve

Discover who you really are. Develop a close relationship with Allah. Create your vision and achieve your dreams.

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Self paced

£10 of your registration fee will go to Registered Charity, Solace UK for revert sisters in difficulty. (Charity Reg No. 1149720) www.solaceuk.org

No question about it – our purpose in this life is to worship Allah azza wa jaal. But have you ever stopped and wondered what your individual purpose is? The nursing mother of the Prophet (sallalahu alayhi wa sallam) had a specific mission; to provide essential milk to him as a child. The haafidha has her purpose; to protect the Qu’ran. The mother has her purpose; to raise righteous Muslim children. The businesswoman, the architect, the student; they all have their purpose. What is yours? This course is all about you – it will help you to understand yourself deeply. You will get to know yourself like never before and by so doing, understand how detrimental negative thinking is; ridding yourself of negative thinking patterns. You will increase in positivity and confidence as you take steps towards your Lord inshaAllah. You will allow yourself to dream, break through bad habits, instill powerful new ones and spend your time honouring this gift so many take for granted; time. You will take steps to manage your time in an empowering way – paving the path to achieve your dreams. This course will equip you with tools to become a better version of yourself which will impact your relationships with your loved ones and your Creator in a new refreshing way. It starts with you and where you are right now n your life. It will help you to move towards where you want to be. Whilst it’s about achieving your dreams, it is so much more than that. The course is a journey of discovery with Allah azza wa jaal and His Akhirah as its focus. Get ready! The ‘Achieve your dunya and akhirah dreams’ course has the potential to change so much for you…bi’idhnillah.



Duration: Self paced – complete the course at your own pace!

Outline: In Part 1 of the course, you will be taken on a deep journey of reflection. Part 1 is about understanding you, breaking through negative barriers and allowing yourself to dream.

Aim: At the end of Part 1 you will leave with a number of tools to help you become a more positive person and lead a deeper, more meaningful life. You will leave Part 1 with your own individual vision for your life and two refined dreams to take through to Parts 2 and 3 of the course.


  • 8 1-1.5 hour recorded sessions
  • 8 Individual tasks
  • 8 Group forum tasks
  • One to one email support
  • Option to book a one to one NLP session (optional)
  • (You will have access to recordings during your participation of the course)

Week 1: My name is….. and I’m a positive thinker!

Week 2: At war with negative thinking

Week 3: By Allah, be confidently focused

Week 4: Deeply and positively thinking about me

Week 5: My reality can get me to where I want to be

Week 6: SISTERS ACHIEVE – Step by Step

Week 7: Lifting it up to Allah

Week 8: Finale! Keeping the passion alive

Cost: £50 (non-refundable – encouragement to get the best from this course!)

Achieve your Dunya and Aakhirah Dreams’. “Mmmm, a bit too good to be true,” I thought.

I have always been very very skeptical of courses with these types of names and thought they were a load of nonsense, full of empty promises and just a way for the organizer to make some easy money.   In my mind there was enough free information on the internet to ‘achieve my goals’ if I really wanted to.  I didn’t  need someone telling me how to do it.

If this course had been taught by any other person than Umm Raiyaan I would have deleted the link straightaway.   However I know her personally and know about the many different roles she has and how she is working very hard and successfully in achieving her own Dunya and Akhirah dreams Allahumma baarik alayhaa.   I know she doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’, she ‘walks the walk’.   So I read about the course and joined and alhamdullilah it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Sister S, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

I had stumbled on to the website and the course by accident! What an accident it was! It turned into a life changing experience. I was, Alhamdulillah a practicing muslimah and I was doing what was expected of me, pray 5 times a day and not lie or cheat! Going through the course make me sit up and take stock of my life! It made me understand myself better, increase my love for my Rabb SWT, question my intentions, my deeds! It helped me to realize my potential and follow my dream!
Today, Alhamdulillah, I am memorizing  the Book Of Allah SWT and Alhamdulillah I have started a charity, that raises money to provide to other charities!

Sister Farzana, USA


Self paced

£10 of your registration fee will go to Registered Charity, Solace UK for revert sisters in difficulty. (Charity Reg No. 1149720) www.solaceuk.org

Listen to an excerpt from the 'Achieve your dunya and akhirah dreams' course

by Umm Raiyaan

Bring the course to your locality! ~ Email info@sisters-achieve.com for more details

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