Tonight I had a session with a beautiful sister, may Allah grant her ease, ameen. It got me thinking…

Some tests and trials are a result of our poor decisions and reactions. Others are sent to us purely by the decree of Allah. Often it is these tests that are difficulties our hearts have silently begged Allah to never test us with. You know, that one that causes you immense anxiety and fear. That one test that you makes you feel like you are already drowning in your perceived inability to cope with what you perceive to be completely out of your control. When the test hits us from nowhere, we wonder why we feel like we’re drowning. The drowning is in fact our focus on the details of the test itself.

I invited her to do one thing. I invited her to shift her attention away from the details and to consider why the One who decreed that she be tested, tested her with this particular test at this specific moment in her life. For these types of ‘qadrAllah’ tests are gifts because Allah only grants good for the believer. In fact, it is these types of tests that are precious because they are the ones that lead us to grow, improve in ourselves and in our relationships with Him. Without these tests, we would have remained as we were…

When we shift our focus to the discovery of the gift that is in the shape of the test, doors will open and we will find ourselves stronger, accepting, understanding and with a new appreciation of Allah and His Special Ways of loving us and gifting us with what is specifically good for us. And in that discovery, despite the continuation of the test, lies the ability to rise to the surface, emerge and take that much needed breath and continue breathing.

Focus on discovering the gift of the test and on the Giver of it. There lies the strength you need to continue.

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