There’s a sister I know. A beautiful sister mashaAllah. Her character makes her one of the most beautiful people I know. I’ll call her Sister A.
Sister A loves Allah very much. Her knowledge in Islam is average. She recites Qu’ran very slowly – struggling to join each letter to the next. But subhanaAllah she really does love her Lord.
Recently, I was thinking about Sister A. Something she said to me many years ago nestled itself within my many thoughts and wouldn’t leave. I kept replaying her words again and again and it reminded me of ahadith that speak about ordinary sahabah who were promised jannah. They were simple beings like you and me but there was something they did that was pure – untainted by riyaa or any other worldly reason. That simple deed or part of their character created their path to jannah.
One day I asked Sister A how without fail she would always keep to the sunnah fasts throughout the year – hardly missing any. It was something that I noticed about her. Mondays, Thursdays, the 3 white days, and all the other highly recommended sunnah fasts throughout the year. She hardly missed any. In the freezing winter when her body called for the warmth of tea and coffee and in the scorching summer heat, ice cold drinks did not tempt her away from fasting. She replied…
“*sigh* Umm Raiyaan, I wish I could do more for Allah. I don’t know very much and I don’t have control over finance in our home so can’t give sadaqa as I’d like to. But I hope through fasting, Allah will accept me as His Slave.”
Her words exuberated sincerity. She knew that she was limited in doing other good deeds but this was something she could give to Allah in the hope she would be counted amongst His Slaves. SubhanaAllah this is amazing on so many different levels.
1. She chose an act of ibadah and has held on to it with dear life all these years. How many of us dip in and out of ibadah? Sister A’s dunya portfolio is full of fasting – one of the best deeds as it is hidden worship.
2. Her motivation through fasting is to be accepted as Allah’s slave. After all, what is a slave? It is someone who tirelessly serves his master. Day after day. Year after year. Her fasting has always been consistent. She has tried to hide it on a few occassions but I now know her so well that I know it is just a part of her life; a part of her existence for Allah.
So many of us do not have limits in giving sadaqa, in giving dawah, in sacrificing our sleep and the list goes on. I wish to be more like Sister A. It is never about the quantity of deeds but in the level of purity and sincerity of our deeds. What have I learnt from Sister A? To choose an act of ibadah I love and to give my all and excel in it. Do the same my dear fellow sisters.
And maybe just maybe the angels will be boasting about us saying, “That servant of Allah. That muslimah who adored Allah. In the dunya, she is the one that used to …’

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