Assalamu alaikum!

Here’s the 6th 3 for sunnah blog post! I’m so excited to share this series where each Monday I’ll be sharing 3 things that I’ve either read, studied, experienced, discovered, learnt, lost, gained, loved and hated! Deen and dunya!


What I’ve learnt – If you’re a person who likes to give, you also need to be a person who is willing to receive. It’s how the world works.

What I’ve discovered – Call it the 5 year itch, the 7 year one, 10 year one or even 15 year one, more and more and MORE Muslim practising couples are falling out of love. Worse still, the love wasn’t there to begin with. It seems most married with their heads hoping their hearts would follow. Is it possible for a practising Muslim man and woman to marry for love and for that love to grow into something wonderful?

What I’ve loved – The My Fitness Pal app. I used it years ago. Back on it again – tracking my food and drink intake and exercise. Check it out!


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May Allah grant you an amazing week! Ameen.

Umm Raiyaan




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