40 and unmarried.

Raising 5 children alone, widowed.

The threat of prison and separation from her children.

The loss of a non-Muslim parent.

Awaiting cancer results.

The current tests of sisters I know. All tested in different ways. They share something which prompted this post…they’re happy. How can that be? 3 words: Perception of Allah.

Allah tells us ‘I am as my servant thinks I am’. Our perception of Allah really does shape how we manage challenging events in life. However, it runs deeper than that. Our perception of Allah really tells us a lot about ourselves.

A Muslimah who thinks of Allah as the One who is The All Punishing and the One who only wants for her to live in fear and blame really is a person who lives with too much punishment and blame inside her.

A Muslimah’s trust in Allah’s decree; the understanding that all tests are a sign of His Love and Care lives with love and care inside her.

‘I am as my servant thinks I am’ – your Lord is as you THINK He is. Your thoughts are only a product of what you hold inside of you which makes up who you are.

Change what your mind and heart contains, and your thoughts will change. When your thoughts change, so too will your perception of you, others, and Allah azza wa jaal. And that is when you will find your Lord as you would like Him to be.

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