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What one sister has to say about her Islamic NLP Therapy sessions

by LaYinka Sanni

“I prayed to Allah to draw me close to Him and to provide me with people who would understand my quest and support me in it… Sisters Achieve has been Allah’s perfect answer to my dua… Alhamdulillah rabil al’amin…”

Sister S, Ireland

When I first embarked upon NLP, I knew that it would involve some unearthing of deep-rooted causes of certain things that I’ve been going through; but I didn’t fully understand just how deep it would go and how much it would shake me up….in a good way. I’ve only being doing this for a few weeks; and I’ve already learnt so much about myself- especially as it relates to how certain past events have shaped who I’ve become. Alhamdulillah I’m so grateful to Allah for directing me unto this path. As tough as its been re-opening some unhealed wounds; it’s felt really good to finally heal, understand, move on and (bi’ithnillah) learn from my past experiences. I can’t recommend this programme highly enough!

Sister K, London, United Kingdom

“I came to Sisters Achieve to achieve my goals. I didn’t know the course would make me fall in love with my Lord again.”

Sister Ghanaya, Africa

“Freeing. That’s how I’d describe my NLP sessions with Umm Raiyaan. My tears were cleansing; my heart felt lighter; and my steps didn’t feel so forced. I was determined to move forward, and Umm Raiyaan handed me the tools to keep my feet, mind, and heart moving in a positive direction.”

Sister Rahma, London, United Kingdom

“I can honestly say that after Sisters Achieve I am now living my dream life. Dreams that I have had for myself and family for over ten years are now becoming a reality Alhamdulillah. My circumstances have not changed, but my way of thinking has. The biggest obstacle in living my dream life was myself. Sisters Achieve made me take a long, serious look at myself and how I was living my life. Sisters Achieve equipped me with the tools I needed to change my thinking and therefore my actions.”

Sister S, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Having turned my dreams into reality, I can honestly say Sisters Achieve has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. “Dreams” that were a distant desire have become part of my daily schedule to make them happen. I have put dreams into action in 7 months which would have simply stayed as “dreams” in my mind. No longer am I looking at great achievers and admiring them from a distance. Now I can confidently say I am also achieving great things alhamdulillah! Most importantly I am able to make links between my Duniya and Aakhirah dreams. All I can say is Sisters Achieve has truly been a golden opportunity for great things to happen in my life and I look forward to turning even more dreams into a reality Inshallah. 
Sister Yasmin, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Listen to an excerpt from the 'Achieve your dunya and akhirah dreams' course

by Umm Raiyaan

Carve your legacy Course

Where NLP meets the linguistic treasures of the Qur’an. ‘Carve Your Legacy from the Depths of the Qur’an’ in conjunction with Farhia Yahya of fajr-literary.com


Corporate Islamic NLP

Bespoke Islamic NLP programs for businesses, companies and charities. Improve your team dynamics, sales and marketing, whilst encouraging your team to each build a strong relationship with Allah azza wa jal.

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Exciting new courses coming soon, including:

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